A youth-led organization promoting education in web and app development one step at a time.

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World of Devs Competitions

World of Devs Competitions is a one-of-a-kind competition that prepares young students for the world of computer science and STEM that awaits them. By providing competitive events that are combining both technical and application skills. Through this competition, students will learn to work together and become more prepared for a job setting. 🤩

Who We Are

What is World of Devs?

How We Began

World of Devs was created by two teenagers in the Greater Toronto Area during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the common goal to organize and share opportunities centered around web and app development.

Our Impact

Since August 2020, World of Devs has organized bootcamps, hackathons, workshops, and takeovers for our university, high school and middle school attendees.

Our Future Plans

In the upcoming years, World of Devs wants to impact students all around the world from elementary up to university.

Our Impact

Students Impacted

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Want to Work With World of Devs?

As a non-profit and completely youth-run organization, sponsors help World of Devs organize more events for students around the world. Our sponsors provide financial assistance, software plans, mentorship and networking opportunities to support students participating in our event. In return,

Sponsors create strong connections with students around the world.

No matter which industry your company is in, your sponsorship in World of Devs events connect students around the world to your company, helping you gain customers in a younger age demographic.

Sponsors encourage students to pursue careers in STEM.

With your sponsorship, your company showcases your commitment to pushing the youth populace to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and pursue careers in it.

If you are interested or have any questions regarding a possible sponsorship, please email

World of Devs is always looking for helpful and hardworking partners to co-run events together. Partners have to have major contributions financially and/or planning wise, to differ from sponsors. Partners have a amplitude of benefits, including

Full Interactivity with World of Devs' Young Audience

As a partner, your company will have the opportunity to post promotional material on World of Devs’ Instagram, LinkedIn and Discord servers which have a reach of over 900 students.

Support from World of Devs For Advertising, Event Management Etc.

World of Devs will assist you in advertising, event management and other needs to make the event as successful as possible.

If you are interested or have any questions regarding a possible partnership, please email

World of Devs looks for hardworking university and high school students to assist in organizing and promoting our events. So why should a student consider joining our team?

Great For Your Resume, No Matter the Pathway

World of Devs has several positions that can suit your career pathway, whether it is computer science, business or writing!

Organize Events That Impact Hundreds

As a executive, you get the opportunity to assist in organizing and promoting events that can impact hundreds of aspiring developers around the world.

World of Devs is looking for executives!

Click here to apply!


Past Projects

Develop to Disrupt

48 hour hackathon bringing together students from around the world to create disruptive startups, attend workshops and network with business professionals.

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AI Fest

The AI Fest brought together 3 artificial intelligence experts from companies like LG Electronics, Deloitte, and Lixar IT to talk to attendees about the applications, the future, and careers in AI and ML.

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Python Bootcamp

A 3-week bootcamp on the basics of Python and computer systems to over 30 middle schoolers and high schoolers.

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The Coding Cabin

A 3-week bootcamp on the basics of Python and computer systems to over 30 middle schoolers and high schoolers.

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The New Year Solve

Students were challenged to solve one of the three most groundbreaking challenges of a COVID-19 stricken 2020: Health, Climate, and Finance.

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University of Waterloo Student Takeover

2 students from the University of Waterloo Computer Science program talked to high school students about admissions, university life, and internships on the World of Devs Instagram. Received 1,500+ story views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to fulfil the goal set out during the founding of World of Devs, all events are free of cost to attendees!

The participation requirements are dependent per event, but World of Devs hosts events for university, high school and middle school students throughout the year. To be sure, check the event details or DM World of Devs on Instagram!

Yes, we recommend complete beginners to participate in World of Devs events! World of Devs is a great place to start your computer science journey, whether it be through workshops or competitions! If you want to get started in coding and need advice, feel free to message or email World of Devs!

World of Devs host hackathons, workshops, takeovers and other events for the youth in web and app development! From showcasing your skills to learning something new, World of Devs is committed to providing events for youth around the world!

As a student, no matter the career you will enter, web and app development skills will be a necessity in modern society. Whether it be coding your personal website or designing an app for your small business, these skills will be needed, and learning them at a young age will save you time in the future!

If your question was not answered, feel free to email or contact us on our Instagram @theworldofdevs


Our Team

Krish Desai

Co-President & Co-Founder

Krish Desai is a passionate high schooler interested in computer science, project management and tech policy. Through World of Devs, he seeks to provide opportunities to the youth in a unique and interesting way.

Anantjyot Grang

Co-President & Co-Founder

Anantjyot Grang is a high school student intrigued by software development and entrepreneurship. Through World of Devs, he aims to educate & lead youth on software development fundamentals and skills.

Luckshane Inparasan

Outreach Officer

Luckshane Inparasan is the outreach coordinator at World of Devs, and is interested in the intersection of healthcare and technology. He connects partners and sponsors to World of Devs to make our events possible.

Nikhil Bawa

Media Officer

Nikhil Bawa is the social media coordinator at World of Devs, and aids in promoting events and contacting attendees to make events as organized as possible. His interests lie in business and technology, and hopes to fulfil it through this organization.

Simardeep Dhanda

Logistics Officer

Simardeep Dhanda is a high school senior interested in software development and computer science. He joined World of Devs to support the organization in creating events that can deliver tech education to underprivileged youth.

Ishaan Kalra

Outreach Officer

Hey! My name is Ishaan Kalra and I am a 16 year old who likes to take initiative and enhance my skillset whenever possible. For that reason, and my profound love of tech I joined World of Devs, and I have enjoyed every day in the organization since then.


The Companies That Make Our Events Possible